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At Virtuopo, we deliver live broadcasts from just about anywhere. As well as working in the studio, we regularly livestream from many different locations. When it comes to outside broadcasting we’ve done it all, whether we’re broadcasting from a conference centre, a company boardroom or a field in the middle of the countryside, we always make sure everything runs smoothly.

Our outside broadcast production crew is highly skilled at capturing the atmosphere at any location or event. If you’re looking to host a virtual event or a live broadcast from a remote location or a place without any internet connection, we can ensure there’s a stable feed with outside broadcast facilities to make sure there are no issues with connectivity.

Clients often require a professional TV style broadcast without the hassle of transporting spokespeople around or travelling into the studio. When this is the case, we bring the studio to them. Our team can build a pop-up studio just about anywhere from an office boardroom to a hotel or conference space.

We always recommend a synchronous dedicated line, which is no slower than 30 mpbs. When the internet is too slow for an important broadcast, a second or even third back-up may be required for extra resilience.

1)    A bonded 4/5G connection

This works on bonding together up to 8 4/5G data sims across all mobile network to provide a solid and reliable internet connection.

This approach is often used by news and sports broadcast teams, enabling them to send live camera feeds back to the studios.

2)    Satellite link-up

Where there isn’t a reliable mobile network connection we utilise a satellite connection via a dish on the top of a van.  This self-powered vehicle provides a stable internet connection that can provide a link back to a studio or the show can be mixed in the back of the van.

Again, these are what you see at large-scale media events where connectivity is critical.

What is Outside Broadcasting?

Outside broadcasting, or OB, is audiovisual or audio content that is delivered from any location that isn’t a broadcast studio. Outside broadcasts, which can be live or pre-recorded, often take place outdoors, whether it’s on the street, in a park or at an event or conference centre.

One of the main advantages of outside broadcast production is the ability to capture the atmosphere on-site, bringing the audience closer to the action. This approach can be much more entertaining for audiences, helping to keep viewers engaged for longer.

Another benefit of an outside broadcast is being able to maximise the time available with busy spokespeople who are able to avoid traveling into a studio when the production crew comes to them.

A number of specialist outside broadcast companies, including Virtuopo, are able to build a pop-up studio in any location, whether it’s at a hotel, conference centre or a company boardroom. This is a useful alternative to having to transport spokespeople to a studio when a TV chat show style broadcast is required.

Connectivity is a key consideration when it comes to outside broadcasts and a specially designed OB vehicle is usually required to ensure a stable feed, which can be arranged by an outside broadcast production company like Virtuopo.

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A Great Business Partner

“We have worked with Virtuopo since the COVID pandemic started and they have helped us seamlessly pivot our events programme to Virtual. They have really understood us as an organisation and helped us deliver an engaging, technologically sound series of online sessions.
As a result, we’re now reaching a considerably bigger global audience from our member firms.”

Imogen Lee - Director of International Marketing and Communications
Imogen Lee - Director of International Marketing and Communications


A great team with great knowledge

“My agency works very closely with Virtuopo on many virtual and hybrid events (GBG, Convatec, EasyJet, IAG GBS) throughout the year and we couldn’t be happier with the partnership we have. The communication and technical preparation throughout each project is brilliant and leaves all of our clients over the moon and reassured that every project we do together will be a success. They’re a great team with great knowledge.”

Joe Gilliver – Managing Director
Joe Gilliver – Managing Director


Great to work with

“Virtuopo were recommended to us, because while we knew what we wanted we were struggling to overcome some of the technical barriers that being part of a large multi-o can present. We needed someone to help us design effective and engaging online events that weren’t just another MS Teams call. Since April 2020 we’ve delivered a number of interactive live sessions for both GPs and our own workforce which are designed to really engage and involve the audience. The technology is always well managed, the content well received and the 300 plus attendees well involved “

Ruth Edwards - Communications Business Partner
Ruth Edwards - Communications Business Partner

NHS - Manchester Health and Care Commissioning


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