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Virtual Town Hall Meetings

Virtuopo has been tasked with delivering virtual conference medical conferences for Manchester’s GPs and regular virtual Town Hall meetings on behalf of NHS Manchester Health Care & Commissioning. As the NHS response to the Covid-19 pandemic is constantly evolving, virtual conferences are often deployed quickly to allow immediate briefings and enable colleagues to react rapidly to the latest information and guidance. Our virtual event solutions have enabled more frontline clinicians to attend these conferences.

The virtual monthly meetings, designed to connect and update more than 300 colleagues on the Covid-19 pandemic, combine presentations from multiple speakers with videos, panel discussions and breakout rooms. As well as delivering the live Town Hall meetings, the team at Virtuopo also record and edit the content afterwards to keep colleagues, who are unable to attend, up to speed on the meetings.


    NHS - Manchester Health Care & Commissioning


    Virtual Meetings

  • 300+ Attendees

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