Coca Cola

Live Multi-Camera Streaming Event

Reimagine Global Summit

As part of the Reimagine Global Summit, Virtuopo worked with Coca-Cola Euro Pacific Partners to deliver a 30-minute live discussion on the brand’s equality and diversity journey.

Transforming the conference room at the Soho Hotel in London into a branded studio, the Virtuopo team provided a seamless link between speakers from Coca-Cola Euro Pacific Partners and the main virtual summit, featuring live addresses from the UN, Spotify and Netflix. Incorporating three cameras, VT playback and audience interaction, the show formed a core element of the successful six hour live global conference, which set out to tackle the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Virtuopo’s own Intellevent platform was used to livestream the show to remote audiences around the world.


    Multi Camera Live Streaming
    Pop-up onsite studio
    Lighting & Audio
    Simulcast via Youtube / Intellevent Platform


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