Conferences can be a great way for businesses and organisations to enhance their visibility, share knowledge, encourage collaboration and position themselves as industry leaders. Providing a platform for networking, idea exchange and showcasing organisational expertise, conferences bring together experts, professionals and stakeholders to help build a positive reputation.

Why Host a Conference?

  1. Knowledge Sharing and Thought Leadership:

Hosting a conference allows businesses and organisations to share their expertise and thought leadership. By curating relevant topics and inviting industry experts as speakers, an organisation can position itself as a hub for knowledge and innovation. This enhances the organisation’s reputation and credibility within the industry.

  1. Networking Opportunities:

Conferences provide valuable networking opportunities for delegates, creating an opportunity for professionals, clients and partners to connect, share insights and build relationships. Networking at conferences can lead to collaborations, partnerships and business opportunities, which can contribute to an organisation’s growth.

  1. Brand Visibility and Recognition:

A conference serves as a high-profile event, which can significantly boost an organisation’s brand visibility and become a platform for showcasing the brand values, achievements, and contributions to the industry. By hosting an event that attracts professionals and industry influencers, an organisation can gain exposure and recognition.

  1. Industry Trends and Innovation Showcase:

Providing a forum for organisations to showcase their commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and innovations, conferences can be a valuable tool for building company reputation within their sector.

By featuring sessions on emerging technologies, best practices and future trends, a conference can allow organisations to position themselves as a thought leader, demonstrating dedication to continuous improvement.

  1. Professional Development Opportunities:

Conferences offer opportunities for professional development by providing attendees with access to workshops, panel discussions and educational sessions. By hosting such events, businesses and organisations contribute to the growth and skill enhancement of professionals in their industry, establishing themselves as supporters of ongoing learning and development.

  1. Stakeholder Engagement:

Hosting a conference is an effective way to engage with various stakeholders including clients, partners, investors and employees. By bringing stakeholders together, organisations can communicate their vision, share updates and strengthen relationships. The conference setting creates a conducive environment for open dialogue and collaboration.

  1. Product and Service Showcases:

Conferences provide a platform for organisations to showcase their products and services. Through exhibitions, demonstrations and presentations, businesses can highlight their offerings to a targeted audience. This direct engagement with potential clients and customers can lead to increased sales and business opportunities.

  1. Community Building:

Hosting a conference can help an organisation to play a role in creating a sense of community among attendees. Contributing to community building within an industry or professional network, conferences can help to create a collaborative environment, where professionals can support each other and contribute to the overall advancement of the industry.

  1. Recruitment and Talent Acquisition:

Conferences offer organisations an opportunity to connect with potential talent. By participating in recruitment sessions or careers fairs within the conference, businesses and organisations can identify and attract skilled professionals who align with their values and goals. This can be particularly valuable for companies looking to expand their workforce.

Hosting a conference not only benefits the organisation but also contributes to the overall growth and advancement of the industry or professional community. The knowledge sharing, networking and brand building opportunities provided by conferences make them a valuable investment for businesses and organisations looking to establish themselves as leaders in their field.

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A Great Business Partner

“We have worked with Virtuopo since the COVID pandemic started and they have helped us seamlessly pivot our events programme to Virtual. They have really understood us as an organisation and helped us deliver an engaging, technologically sound series of online sessions.
As a result, we’re now reaching a considerably bigger global audience from our member firms.”

Imogen Lee - Director of International Marketing and Communications
Imogen Lee - Director of International Marketing and Communications


Great to work with

“My agency works very closely with Virtuopo on many virtual and hybrid events (GBG, Convatec, EasyJet, IAG GBS) throughout the year and we couldn’t be happier with the partnership we have. The communication and technical preparation throughout each project is brilliant and leaves all of our clients over the moon and reassured that every project we do together will be a success. They’re a great team with great knowledge.”

Joe Gilliver – Managing Director
Joe Gilliver – Managing Director


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“As we continue to stream more of our fashion events through Facebook Live, broadcast quality is becoming increasingly important, which is why we decided to work with the guys.
The team did a fantastic job of delivering an engaging live broadcast using professional audio and multiple cameras. As a result, viewers were able to enjoy a high-quality viewing experience.”

Amy Priestley - Senior Social Media Manager
Amy Priestley - Senior Social Media Manager

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