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How a Pop-Up Studio can raise the bar on social media livestreaming

Give your social media livestreams the edge with a bespoke studio to provide the perfect setting for a high quality live video broadcast. Whether you’re working with an influencer or an in-house spokesperson, a branded studio brings a more professional look to your social media livestreams and the good news is that a pop-up studio can be installed just about anywhere.

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Four ways hybrid and virtual events will evolve in 2022

As we look ahead to this year and beyond, it’s hard to imagine a business events calendar that doesn’t include an element of ‘virtual’, whether in a hybrid format or an entirely remote setting. The digital transformation of events has been accelerated by the pandemic and as marketers continue to value the benefits of virtual, we expect to see many more exciting developments in 2022. Here are four key areas that are set to shape hybrid and virtual events this year:

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How to choose the right platform for your next virtual or hybrid event

Event technology is one of the most important factors to consider when organising a virtual or hybrid event and with so many options available, it’s easy to see how deciding on the right platform can be overwhelming. Whether you’re hosting a virtual roundtable or a large-scale hybrid conference, the software you choose can have a huge impact on the quality of your event and it can also affect the overall experience for remote audiences.

As event platforms become increasingly sophisticated, planners are being given access to a whole host of integrated features, which can support everything from driving engagement and facilitating networking to providing useful tracking and analytics. Ultimately, finding the right platform depends on whether the software is able to meet the requirements of your event and as no two events are the same, here are some important questions to ask when making your decision:

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How to measure virtual event success

A staggering 93%* of event organisers are planning to invest in virtual events, while 97%* of event marketers believe we will see more hybrid events this year. At the start of the pandemic, many scheduled events were pivoted online almost overnight, with little consideration given to the evaluation process.

As virtual and hybrid events look set to stay, measuring success is becoming increasingly important and there is a much greater emphasis on evaluating ROI (Return on Investment) but what is the best way to monitor the effectiveness of a virtual event? The answer really depends on your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which should be determined by your event objectives and desired outcomes.

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Nine ways to improve audience engagement during a virtual event

Engagement is a key factor in measuring virtual event success and with remote audiences facing a whole host of distractions, keeping their attention can often be a challenge for event organisers.

In our experience, introducing interactive elements can really help to build a better connection between presenters and remote audiences. Giving attendees an opportunity to feel part of a virtual event makes a huge difference to the audience experience, which can have a real impact on over all event success. There are many ways to improve engagement during a virtual conference or event. Here are a few tried and tested techniques:

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What’s the difference between a Webinar, a Virtual Conference and a Hybrid Event?

Businesses are hosting more virtual events than ever before with the trend towards live streaming growing faster than anyone could have imagined in the pre-covid world.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on events with businesses being forced to pivot their events online for more than a year. As live streaming turns mainstream, webinars and virtual conferences are becoming a viable alternative to in-person meetings, events, exhibitions and training sessions and it is highly likely that they are here to stay with the hybrid event format also growing in popularity.

As a team, we were delivering virtual events for clients long before anyone had even contemplated a national lockdown or heard the term ‘zoom fatigue’ and we are often asked about the pros and cons associated with different types of virtual events.

While all virtual events are designed to connect people through live streaming, they each serve very different purposes and they all require engaging content to achieve any real impact. Whether you opt for a webinar, a virtual conference or a hybrid event, the format really depends on your audience and what you are aiming to achieve.

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