How to choose the right platform for your next virtual or hybrid event

October 29, 2021
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October 29, 2021 virtuopo

Event technology is one of the most important factors to consider when organising a virtual or hybrid event and with so many options available, it’s easy to see how deciding on the right platform can be overwhelming. Whether you’re hosting a virtual roundtable or a large-scale hybrid conference, the software you choose can have a huge impact on the quality of your event and it can also affect the overall experience for remote audiences.

As event platforms become increasingly sophisticated, planners are being given access to a whole host of integrated features, which can support everything from driving engagement and facilitating networking to providing useful tracking and analytics. Ultimately, finding the right platform depends on whether the software is able to meet the requirements of your event and as no two events are the same, here are some important questions to ask when making your decision:

Are there customisable features available?

Many platforms allow custom branding and themes to reflect corporate brand guidelines. We would always recommend branding your event to craete a professional look and feel, which helps give attendees a high quality experience from start to finish. Event software with custom branding is essential for maximising sponsorship opportunities and allowing partners to brand different elements of your event.

Is there an event registration page with automated email follow-up?

Only half the number of people who register to attend a virtual event actually show up and research shows that email is the number one driver for encouraging event attendees so it’s essential to keep people engaged once they’ve registered an interest. Continuing the dialogue with regular email contact helps build momentum around your event and many platforms offer automated emails as a standard feature, which makes regular communication even easier.

Does the platform provide different levels of ticketing?

Around 80% of virtual event registrations are free, although more and more planners are looking to monetise their virtual events by charging to attend. It’s also becoming common for event organisers to offer different pricing structures or split levels of entry with only the top tier having access to premium content. If you’re planning to sell tickets to your event, it’s important to consider the ticketing options available on the platform you choose.

Does the platform offer multi speaker sessions?

Some platforms only offer one speaker session at a time, which is fine for certain types of events such as webinars and virtual meetings. However, if you’re planning a large scale virtual or hybrid conference, it’s likely you will need to opt for a platform that offers multi speaker sessions.

Are speaker rehearsals offered?

Speaker rehearsals play a key role in the smooth running of virtual and hybrid events, yet not all platforms offer this as a feature. We strongly recommend looking out for software that allows speaker rehearsals, particularly if you’re running a large scale conference or event.

Is there an option to integrate both live and pre-recorded video content?

Many of the events we work on require a mix of live and pre-recorded video content, although some events run perfectly well with live video alone. It’s always worth checking your event software is able to support the type of content you need to deliver.

What engagement features does the platform provide?

When it comes to virtual events, attendee engagement is one of the key measures of success with gamification, live polls and networking among the many ways to encourage audience participation. Some platforms provide excellent features to help drive engagement and facilitate networking opportunities such as virtual booths, one-to-one live video chat and gamification options. It’s definitely worth shopping around for a platform with the right features to help meet your event goals.

What level of analytics can the software provide?

Hosting your event on a platform with built in evaluation tools offers an easy way to measure event success and monitor return on investment. Different types of event software feature varying levels of analytics and it’s a good idea to make sure the platform you choose is capable of providing the data you need for your event evaluation. Some platforms offer excellent tools for monitoring audience engagement, which can be invaluable for providing an insight into how well your event content resonates with your audience.

Is there an option to record and download event content?

Whenever possible, we advise recording event content and making it available to watch on demand afterwards. Whether it’s the entirety of your event content or the key highlights, making content available on demand increases the reach of your event, allowing those who were unable to attend on the day to watch at a time that suits them. If your event software allows recording and downloading of content, always check how quickly this will be available, particularly if you need to provide access to edited highlights straight away.

If you would like further advice on how to choose the best platform for your event, our team of experts can help you navigate the latest software and talk you through the different features available. Contact us on 0151 662 0275 if you would like help deciding which platform to use for you next event.


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