How to Choose the Right Venue for Your Event

April 17, 2024
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April 17, 2024 virtuopo

Selecting a good venue can be crucial to the success of your event, and with so many factors to consider, it can often be a bit overwhelming when it comes to deciding on the best location.

Drawing on years of experience in live events, the team at Virtuopo has compiled a useful guide to choosing the perfect event venue.

10 Considerations to Make Before Deciding on a Venue


Allocating a budget for how much you’re willing to spend on the venue should be one of the first steps in your event plan. Knowing your budget as early as possible will help make the planning process more efficient, allowing you to focus your research on venues that are within your price range.

There are a number of factors that can impact the cost of a venue, from the size and type of space required to the duration of your event, the time of year and any additional facilities or services required.


Sustainability is a key consideration when it comes to choosing a suitable venue for your event. As a responsible business, we always recommend working with venues that are aligned with our own values. Look out for those who show a commitment to sustainable practices such as waste management and sourcing local supplies and produce.

Opting for a venue that is well suited to the hybrid format can also help to reduce the environmental impact of your event. Hosting a hybrid event allows you to cater for a smaller number of in-person attendees, whilst providing an option for delegates to attend remotely, reducing the need for travel.


Ideally, your event venue should be very easy to access to make the attendee experience as smooth as possible. Take into consideration on-site parking facilities and motorway access, as well as travel links to local train stations and airports, if you’re expecting international delegates.  Be thorough with your research as a venue with poor travel links and low accessibility could potentially have a negative impact on your event.

It’s also important to be mindful of any other events that may be taking place in the area at the same time to avoid any clashes.




As well as making sure your event venue has good travel links, it’s important to consider attendees who may have accessibility issues. Check whether the venue has ramps, lifts and accessible bathroom facilities. Events should be completely inclusive to everyone, and as an event organiser, it’s your responsibility to make arrangements so that everyone feels welcome to attend your event.


Venue capacity is another key factor to consider, there’s no point opting for a huge event space when you only plan to host a small number of delegates. Find out how many attendees are expected during the planning stages, so that you can focus your search on venues with a suitable capacity.


The layout of an event space and its overall aesthetic can be equally important. Consider whether the layout suits your event type and the clientele that you will be inviting. When making your decision, be sure to think about what size space you require, how many people you will be accommodating and what the seating arrangements will look like, as well as factors such as AV equipment and on-site parking. Consider the availability of different areas within the venue for event registrations, breakaway sessions, catering and equipment loading.

If the venue is flexible with its setup, you can make adjustments and personalise the venue layout to suit your event requirements. The overall venue layout will play a key role in the smooth running of your event.




Events that feature live speakers will require adequate acoustics, so if you plan to host a conference, Q&A  or any event with live speakers or performers, you must take this into account.

Acoustics can be defined as the properties of a space that determine how sound is transmitted in it. This can have a massive impact on engagement during your event.


Ensure the venue has the right facilities for your event, whether it’s catering services, event staff or audio-visual capabilities. Depending on the venue, the staff and equipment you need for your event may be provided, but it’s more common to outsource event professionals who have relevant experience and adequate equipment.

Hospitality can also be a big factor in choosing an event space, some venues will provide full catering services, while others may leave it up to the event organiser to book a catering service to accommodate guests.


If your event spans across several days, it’s important to consider nearby accommodation, which should be easily accessible, allowing guests to get from the hotel to the event venue on foot or by public transport. Take into consideration the expectations of your delegates and try to select a hotel that matches their needs.



Real-world events

Monitor the news and any local issues that could have an impact on your event such as transport strikes, environmental factors or road works. The hybrid event format gives event organisers and delegates greater flexibility to adapt to any external factors that may influence delegates attending in-person such as bad weather or strikes.

Once you’ve decided on your venue, always make sure you arrange a recce.  Organising a site visit before booking a venue is a great way to get a feel for the event space and evaluate whether it’s suitable for your needs. Make note of the accessibility of the venue, including the various methods of transport to the venue, as well as the parking options available. A recce provides a great opportunity to ask any questions, helping you to make a decision more efficiently.

It’s good practice to have back-up options in mind, just in case your first choice falls through. Make a list of suitable venues and rank them in order of preference. This means if your first choice is no longer available, you can quickly adapt to the situation, despite the setback.

It’s always a good idea to book your venue well in advance to avoid any availability issues. The most popular event spaces are often booked up months ahead and if you’re hosting a large corporate event or high-profile awards show with hundreds of guests, you will likely need to plan over a year in advance. Remember, it’s not only the venue that will need to be reserved early, it’s also important to book the staff and equipment required to deliver your event at the earliest opportunity.

Partnering with a specialist events company like Virtuopo is the best way to ensure your event is a success, delivering the best possible experience for your attendees. A professional events agency can bring all the knowledge and expertise required to provide the highest standards of production and the most engaging level of event content.

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