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  • Arla - Live link up/Purple Patch Group
Our Services
  • Multi-camera broadcast
  • Lighting & Audio
  • Link-up with studio in Denmark
  • Satellite connection and power provision

The Challenge.

To broadcast from a dairy farmer’s field in Dorset as part of a virtual event, hosted in Denmark, and attended remotely by Arla employees across Europe. 

What we did.

We livestreamed a 90-minute interview with an Arla dairy farmer to employees across Europe. Broadcasting from a field in the middle of the countryside meant our crew had to work around having no available power and no internet connection on site. We organised a satellite truck and a generator to enable us to deliver a smooth outside broadcast live from the dairy farm. 

The multi-camera production, which linked back to the host in Denmark, was then mixed at Virtuopo HQ in Liverpool and broadcast out to an audience of Arla employees who were participating remotely. Our team managed all crew and presenter comms from one central location.


The live broadcast was delivered to an extremely high standard without any technical glitches. The engaging virtual event enabled Arla employees across Europe to capture a glimpse into the world of a British dairy farmer. 

Event Highlights.

What they did with the live event:

  • Delegates from across the globe
  • Live Q&A
  • Keynote presentation
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